About Fall Guyz

If you are looking for an entertaining game, you should try Fall Guyz. Come to the game and test your own game skills.

Join many rounds of Fall Guyz

In Fall Guyz, you need to complete different levels to accumulate as many points as possible and unlock many trophies. The game will put groups of contestants competing against each other in many chaotic races until there is one winner left! This is a war with strange obstacles, requiring you to overcome unruly opponents and overcome the laws of physics to win! If you want to join a game that is head-to-head but still challenging, Avatar Game is a suggestion for you.

The way to control

You can use the arrow keys to move your character when doing tasks. In which, up arrow key is used to jump when encountering any obstacles. This is similar to Subway Surfers New Orleans, which is an extremely fascinating running game. All of them are ideal games for trying. Check them out.

Some interesting game mechanics

Various characters

You can unlock up to 7 new characters, improve your score and skills with each play, learn the map, predict the obstacles, and calculate your character's movements well to achieve your target. The task of this game is to run around the map, jump, control the character of your choice and reach the finish line before everyone else.

Complete your mission before time up

In Fall Guyz, you only have 90 seconds to complete the challenge. Even in those 90 seconds, if you don't finish early, you will still be eliminated. The game only allows a certain number of people to finish first and are allowed to play the next round. So you need to handle the obstacles quickly. Also, don't give your opponent a chance to get ahead of you.