Enjoy the EvoWars.io game where you will become a warrior and participate in deadly and exciting wars. Develop your character to grow stronger and then destroy the opponent. Becoming the strongest who owns the crown is your goal. Here is some information about the game.


Take a battle

This is considered the home page of the game because when we access the game, you will be here. You can perform actions such as naming the character and joining the battle immediately. You can also activate Boosts or invite friends to join a private battle.

How to win

In the bottom right corner of the screen, you will see a box titled How To Win. There are many tips and comments from different players about this game. It will help you when you are just starting out.


This is where you can sign up for an account or log in to your account in the account section. Besides, it will show your playing history. The wins, losses, and scores will be shown in the statistics section. Sign in to your account so you can store your information and achievements even if you change playing devices.

Evolution and Leaderboard

Evolution gives you information about the levels in this game. There are total levels and you have to start playing from level 1 or Caveman. Unlock to play the next evolutions like Vikings, Warriors, Knights, and more. At each level, you own a different weapon. In addition, the leaderboard offers the best players of EvoWars.io. You will know that you have to get how many points to defeat the best one.