Get ready for traffic on an e-scooter. Along with other traffic on the road, are you ready for a thrilling racing journey? Drive the e-scooter on the highway with fast speed in the E Scooter game. Collecting gold coins as much as possible will help you to rank higher in this game.

The gameplay of the E Scooter game

You own an e-scooter and you are eager to drive it. Now is your time. Control your e-scooter into the traffic on the other side of the road and drive it past other traffic, even cars or motorbikes. However, safety is a top priority if you want to go further and further. Turn left, turn right, and swerve on the e-scooter with increasing speed so that no collision occurs. Any collision will cause your vehicle to be damaged and unable to participate in traffic anymore. That means you have to stop your game here. You can also choose another type of vehicle to travel on the road like a car by joining the Traffic Tour.

Gold coins and power stations in the E Scooter game

Along the way, you will encounter a lot of gold coins and power stations. Collecting gold coins is essential to be able to upgrade your e-scooter later. If your e-scooter is upgraded, it will become more eye-catching, more reliable, and move faster. Power stations on both sides of the road will help you charge your e-scooter. You must regularly power your vehicle. If your e-scooter runs out of power, it won't be able to move. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the energy bar of the e-scooter.