Drunken Boxing is ready for you to experience the sport of boxing online. Become a seasoned boxer in this game and knock your opponents down with punches.

Defeat opponents with powerful punches

A boxing ring is ready to welcome the boxing battle. It has a small charge and has wires separating the four sides. Two boxers will step into the ring with boxing gloves ready. Bow or shake your opponent's hand and then execute attacking punches as soon as the signal appears.

To find the winner in the match, you will have to participate in many rounds. The first person to get 5 stars will be the winner. So how do you know which player wins in each round? Two light blue and orange boxers have two health bars of the same color representing each boxer. When a health bar runs out, this means that the player's health is not guaranteed. Besides, that boxer won't be able to hit his opponent back. Therefore, when the finishing punch is released, the health bar runs out and the boxer is also kicked out of the boxing battle arena.

Single-player and two-player features

Like almost all other sports games like Basketball Stars and Basketball Master 2, single-player and two-player modes are available. Transform into a professional boxer in Drunken Boxing and enter the single-player mode to take a boxing battle against any other player or computer. Access the two-player mode to invite your friends to play boxing with you. Have a great time!