About Drive Mad

Welcome to Drive Mad's thrilling racetrack, where you'll face off against obstacles that can easily tip your car over. Do you like racing games? Drive Mad can make you satisfied, if not you can try playing Avatar Game.

Conquering Drive Mad's tracks

The game is designed with unique graphics that provide gamers with a relaxing experience. When it comes to Drive Mad, players must control their car in order to overcome the game's obstacles. When you play Drive Mad, you will have the opportunity to race your cars in a variety of races. The tracks in this game correspond to the game's levels. The game becomes more difficult as the levels increase. Each track has its own distinct personality, in which you can control a tank, mini truck, double decker truck,...


The arrow keys can be used to navigate. Yet this game is very different from others in that regard. To move your car forward, press the down arrow key or spacebar, and to move backward, press the up arrow key.

Have fun with Drive Mad

Adapt the vehicle to the terrain.

Those who have played racing games know that in order for players to have the best possible game experience, they must upgrade or purchase new cars in the game. However, when participating in the Drive Mad race, players will be able to drive various types of cars without having to change or upgrade cars. You only need to join and complete the task correctly.

Share achievements with friends

In this game, every time you finish a turn, Drive Mad's system will automatically screenshot your last image in the game. Whether you win or lose, complete the challenge or not, your achievements will be saved. You can share that image with your friends and invite them to play Drive mad together.