Running away from the molten lava in the Drill Up game is a lot of fun. Let's take part in and experience the game to see if you can successfully survive.

The context of the Drill Up game

This exciting game of UAB Applava provides a great story. A robot is in danger. Deadly lava flows are coming very fast. Help this robot survive this lava flow. Take advantage of the terrain to escape. Control the robot to jump from one spinning wheel to another to get higher and higher. At the same time, you can collect diamonds that appear on the spinning wheels. Be careful before controlling the jumping robot. If you make the wrong jumps, the robot will have no support and fall into the lava flow.

How to play: This game has a similar control to Geometry Dash Lite. Tap or use the left mouse button to activate the jumping ability of this robot.

Tips and Tricks to Play Drill Up

  • Collect diamonds to unlock and upgrade your robot.
  • If the lava is near you, do not collect diamonds, but prioritize protecting the life of the robot.
  • When multiple spinning wheels appear above you, it is recommended to choose the higher-position spinning wheel. Thus, your distance from the lava flow is further.