Enjoy Dino Game

One of the famous classic games that probably everyone knows is the Dino Game survival game. Jumping over the deadly cactus is the only way you can survive.

The Mechanics of Dino Game

This game is designed in pixel design. Its graphics are simple as there is only a black running track and dangerous cacti on it. You transform into a small T-rex dinosaur that is always running non-stop at faster and faster speeds. Since you are always running, you can collide with the cactus at any time. Therefore, you will have to avoid them by jumping to survive as long as possible. There won't be any other tips or tricks that will help you overcome obstacles. It all depends on your skills.

Instruction to control

Left-click, tap, and space are controls you can use to make your T-rex jump. For mobile devices, you touch the touch screen to have your dinosaur perform a jumping motion.

The origin of the game Dino Game

This game is one of the few that Google has released. It is installed on every chrome of the computer. When anyone's computer can't connect to the internet, this game will appear and help people avoid boredom. Therefore, this is also an interesting classic offline game. Released in 2014, the game still attracts a lot of attention every day.