Join the tunnel race of Death Run 3D

Are you a speed enthusiast, you love running games? In addition to Avatar Game, and Temple Run 2: Spooky Summit, take part in Death Run 3D's light racing tunnel experience now and enjoy the game!

Obstacles will appear in the game

This speed game gives players a very realistic feeling, partly because it is a running game with a first-person perspective. It helps players feel the speed and obstacles as if they were right in front of their eyes. Moreover, the obstacles of Death Run 3D are also extremely special. When participating in the game, you will see that they do not just lie still, but these blocks can move, even when you get close to them, they appear. This forces players when participating in the game to need quick reflexes to avoid colliding with these obstacles.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to control the game.

Death Run 3D's game features


The game provides a reputation ranking for users. This is where you can follow the progress of the best players. This leaderboard shows the user both the score and the date of that high score of the top 10 outstanding players. Moreover, the game recognizes and honors players with impressive scores by daily, weekly, monthly, and all-time. Will your name and achievements appear on this board?

Tracks in Death Run 3D

There are 4 different tracks in this fascinating game. Here are the characteristics of them, you can rely on these characteristics to choose the track that you like the most. Accordingly, Maelstrom is considered the easiest track in the whole game with less obstacles and slower speed. Superluminal is a track where obstacles can move to make it difficult for you. Hyper Maelstrom is a more advanced version of the first track, but improved to increase the difficulty of the game, suitable for those who can master the game. Meanwhile, Hyper Superluminal seems to be the most difficult track with even more complex obstacles than other tracks.