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Dark Runner: Shadow Parkour

Dark Runner: Shadow Parkour belongs to the Parkour genre in which you have to control a shadow running to collect gold coins and overcome obstacles.

About Dark Runner: Shadow Parkour

Transforms into a shadow with amazing parkour abilities

As you probably already know, this game offers you a chance to become a shadow with great parkour abilities. To prove your parkour abilities, join the challenges. Run through the bamboo forest to collect the gold coins. Obstacles will often appear on the path that you go through. Your parkour skills will be shown when you encounter this obstacle. Ready to overcome them easily. Let's see how many obstacles you can overcome.

Control instructions

You can play this parkour game on mobile or computer. For each different device, there will be different control methods. On a mobile device, you'll press the on-screen virtual control. If you're playing on a computer, you can use the virtual desktop button on the screen or use the up and right arrow keys.

Levels in Dark Runner: Shadow Parkour

There are all 20 levels in this parkour game. You will start conquering from level 1 to unlock level 2. You conquer the game completely when you conquer all 20 levels. Besides, you also note that if there is any collision, your shadow will die. You will start conquering that level again until you reach the destination safely.