The Story of Cuphead

There are two lovely cup boys, Cuphead and his brother Mugman, living peacefully on the Inkwell Isles. Because of their curious personalities, they went to the Devil's Casino and started playing craps. Unfortunately, they were tricked by the devil and had to work for this evil man. Otherwise, they will have their souls taken away by it. From there, they must embark on a dangerous but exciting journey.

Description of Cuphead

How the game works

Up to two players can play in this game. They will take the role of Cuphead and Mugman. Defeat all the small bosses in order to get soul contracts for Devil. During the working and taking battles, it's clear that you will be stronger and stronger. Collect useful items which contain great powers along the way. Run, jump, and shoot to attack bosses.

There are a lot of bosses corresponding to levels in the game. You can use different ways to eliminate each boss. It's surely extremely hard, but nothing is impossible.


This game has the original from StudioMDHR which is a game development studio. The first time player enjoy this game is in 2017. After many years, more and more players love it and some updated versions were released.

How to control

  • WASD or Arrow keys = move.
  • The Z key = parry.
  • The X key = shoot.
  • The C key = shrink.
  • The V key = EX move (requires at least 1 card).
  • The Q key = swap weapons.