Instructing a chicken to cross busy roads on Crossy Road is so interesting. Are you confident to help this chicken move without colliding with any traffic?

The objective of Crossy Road

The gameplay of this game is simple but interesting when you guide a game character to cross roads. In specific, traffic on these roads is complicated. Besides, there are also no traffic lights. Consequently, the chicken character cannot cross them safely. That's the time you need to help the chicken. Direct the chicken to move left, right, backward, and forward with the arrow keys. Remember that colliding with vehicles on the road will lead to the end of the game.

Common questions about Crossy Road

When was this game created?

This video game is developed on 20 November 2014 by Hipster Whale. Since its release date, it has experienced many times of upgrading. Each time of upgrade, players are more and more attracted.

What's the highest score in this game?

According to the leaderboard of this game, Joshua Beesley (UK) in Tonbridge, Kent, UK is the player reaching the highest score of 9,678. This number was published on 31 October 2022. Until now, there is no one who can break this score. Let's play and try to break it.

Is there a finish on Crossy Road?

It can be said that there is no finish in this game. This feature is a reason why people love this game. The farther your character goes, the higher your score, and the greater the difficulty you have to conquer. Let's see how far you go!