Chibi Navi Avatar is an online game that allows you to create your own Navi chibi character. Combine elements to create a cute chibi kid in your style.

How to create a Navi Avatar

After pressing Play to start playing this game, you will see a very simple shape of a Navi Avatar. Your task is to add elements including Body, Clothing, Eyes, Hai, Tail, Accessories, and Markings to form a complete Navi Avatar. Starting from the body color in the Body section, you will gradually complete your character. Explore the different options to create a Navi Avatar that will reflect your taste and aesthetic. Alternatively, you can invite your friends to explore your results and leave reviews. Finally, you can go on an adventure with your character in Avatar Game.

Interesting features of Chibi Navi Avatar

  • Simple controls using the mouse to select different options.
  • The options are very rich. It is designed in different styles such as casual, cool, traditional, and modern.
  • Show off your taste buds by creating an impressive Navi Avatar.
  • The gameplay and design of the game do not have any limiting factors, so anyone can participate in this game.
  • Full-screen mode is always available.