Cat Mario is a player-friendly HTML5 obstacle course that you can experience anywhere with a smart device. With the cute cat overcome the challenges.

Accompany the cute cat to overcome obstacles

For those who don't know about Cat Mario, this game was created by Adam Kecskes based on the original Mario games. This version came out on July 2020 and has changes and surprises. Let's discover the great things about this game.

The character that you control in this game is a white cat. You are responsible for navigating that cat past the round white monsters and other barriers in this game to explore the Mario world. If your cat character collides with monsters, the cat's life points will be exhausted and you will have to start the game again. Blocks with question marks will give you useful things like coins. Remember to unlock those blocks by colliding with them to collect useful things.

How to control the character

The control of this game is quite similar to the Skate Hooligans game where you use AD or left and right arrows to move. Your cat character will jump every time you press W or the up arrow key. Also, you would use F1 and O to reset and self-destruct. Wish you have great moments!