Welcome to Bridge Craft 3D which is a fun 3D arcade game. In this game, your mission is to cut wood, build bridges, and become the owner of the treasure.

How Bridge Craft 3D works

This game is designed to be very interesting with the platforms arranged like a staircase. On each platform, there are many different trees. The platform with the highest position has a large treasure in which there are many gold coins, diamonds, and gems. In addition, there is no connection between the platforms.

When you enter this game, you will stand on the lowest platform. In your hand is an ax to chop wood. Your goal is to become the owner of the treasure on the highest platform. To achieve this goal, you must build bridges that connect platforms. As a result, you can go to the location of the treasure.

Get ready to use your ax to chop trees, collect wood and build bridges. However, this game offers a competitive feature between players. Specifically, many people have the same goal as you to get the treasure. Whoever gets to the treasure position first will be the owner of it. Therefore, you must act fast and smart.

Great information you need to know

Developer and release date

Anvil Games is the developer and publisher of this game. The latest updated version of this game is in 2021.

Tips to play

  • Chopping down trees of the same color as your character will save time.
  • It's better if you focus on building a bridge instead of taking over other players' bridges.
  • Control your stickman to move, cut wood, and build bridges by holding the left mouse button and sliding the computer mouse like the way of controls in Skate Hooligans.