Introduction of Bob the Robber 3

Bob used to be an evil thief, but he has changed. This time Bob was hired by a mysterious organization to perform a very important mission. He has to sneak into the bad guy's organization and steal all important documents, papers and of course gold and silver.

Accompany Bob

In Bob the Robber 3, you need to help Bob hide in the dark to avoid the camera, cut the wires to disable the anti-theft alarm or sneak the guard, look for the key or password to open the door. Finding a way to go to other rooms is not easy, requiring you to think carefully and use your ability to handle the situation.


In this game, you can use the WASD or arrow keys to control your character. In which, the W and up arrow keys can be used to pick up the documents.

Exciting features of Bob the Robber 3

Interesting items

To make it easier for you to complete your quest, Bob the Robber 3 offers you some useful items that you can buy with the gold you've collected in the shop. For example, instant cameras to disable cameras, laser guns to take out guards, kits to unlock all locks and much more. In addition, you can also knock out the guards or doctors in the game by surprise to break into the building. New gear, new outfits and new enemies will make your gaming experience like never before!

Bob the Robber 3's graphics

Compared to previous versions, Bob the Robber 3 has been completely rebuilt to work faster and better. The picture is smoother, the placement is better, and everything works better than ever. The game also includes challenging and exciting levels. When it comes to wonderful graphics, Avatar Game is also one of the best ones.