Blast Red is a simple game suitable for you to entertain. Destroying all the red objects so that the blue objects remain on the platform is your goal.

The game rule of Blast Red

The rules of this game are very simple. Specifically, there is a platform of small size floating in the middle of the ocean. On that background, there are red and blue objects. These objects are arranged alternately on the platform. Your task is to destroy the red objects but keep the blue objects on the platform. If the blue objects are dropped into the water. Your mission is considered incomplete. Also, red objects may be behind blue objects. Therefore, you should use the mouse to rotate the platform to search for red objects and destroy them.

Great things about Blast Red

Multiple levels

This game is divided in a hierarchical fashion when the following levels will be more challenging than the previous level. However, this is also a special point of the game when it increases your excitement to conquer.

Tips and tricks

Most of the blue objects are round and located high up. Therefore, when you destroy the red objects, it is very easy for the blue objects to lose their balance and roll off the platform. Therefore, you need to pay attention to be able to destroy red objects but still keep the balance.