Are you ready to become a star basketball player in Basketball Stars? Play with another player or the computer to find who is the better basketball player.

Description Of Basketball Stars

When you access this sports game, you will see a menu with 4 items: One player, Two players, Quick match, and Credits. If you want to make an instant match with any other player, choose Quick Match. Besides, you can get more information about the game when you click on the Credits section.

One player

You choose the One Player section when you play this game alone. Specifically, your opponent will be the computer or any other player in the world. Next, you can choose Tournament, Random match, or Training modes to play. If you are unsure of your basketball ability in this game, start with a training course. In this training, your opponent will be the computer. Conversely, if you are confident in your basketball abilities, go to Tournaments or do a Random match.

Two Players

On the other hand, invite your friends to this game and compete together in the two-player mode. Let's see if you or your friend is the better basketball player.

Notes on how to control the character in Basketball Stars

The players need to note the following control buttons to control their character. The WASD keys or arrow keys help the character move. The X and L keys are used to throw or steal the ball. Besides, players use the S key to smash or block. Press the A+A or D+D keys or left or right arrows twice to scroll through. And finally, let's use the K or Z keys for a long throw.