Experience Basketball Master 2

Designed for basketball fans around the world, Basketball Master 2 brings you many fun game modes. This is where you can show off your basketball skills.

Score in Basketball Master 2

Starting this game, you will control the force and direction of your ball so that the ball can fall into the basket. If you succeed, you can move on to the next level, otherwise it's okay, you can still play again. In Basketball Master 2, in addition to hitting the ball on target, you should also collect stars as much as you can. Maximum of each level you can collect 3 stars.

Notes for you when playing the game

When encountering a level that is too difficult, you have to play over and over again, you can also choose to skip that level, and continue to play the next level. However, you will be limited to the number of skips, you only have 3 skips. When you run out of times allowed, you will only be able to play until the challenge is completed. If you find this game boring, try playing Avatar Game.

Some things you should know in Basketball Master 2

Obstacles will appear in the game

Coming to Basketball Master 2, throwing the ball into the basket is not easy. You will be stopped by various obstacles in the game. In it, each obstacle has its own characteristics, for example, with the ice brick, you can throw the ball to break and go through it. In addition, there are opponent players that will move to hinder you from scoring. Meanwhile, the stone block cannot, and more especially the rubber sheet. If you can make good use of it, it will help you a lot in Basketball Master 2.


Drag the mouse to behind for aiming, and then release the mouse to shoot.