Are you ready to find 7 notebooks in the horror Baldi's Basics game? Let's complete the mission quickly while trying to overcome Baldi's obstacles.

The mission of Baldi's Basics

For those who do not know this game, this is a horror game and is also known as Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning. In a school setting, this game will bring you an interesting and new experience. Specifically, a friend asked you to go to his school to pick up 7 notebooks. However, you have encountered Professor Baldi's prevention. If you want to get the notebooks, you have to pass the professor's challenges.

There will be 3 straightforward math problems you need to give the correct answer for each notebook. Only when you give the correct answer, you can get it. In contrast, you will be penalized if you cannot give the answer the professor wants. Therefore, be careful before making a decision.

Game modes of Baldi's Basics

The game provides players with two interesting modes to experience including story mode and endless mode. When you play in story mode, your mission is to collect 7 notebooks and then leave the school. Thus, you have won the game. However, in endless mode, there will be no stopping in this mode. You will have to try to collect as many notebooks as possible.