Deadly traps, difficult puzzles, and bizarre obstacles in the Badland game are ready. Are you ready to fly and survive facing them in this game?

The gameplay of Badland

A mysterious character in a wonderful world is waiting for you. Take control of that mysterious character to fly and overcome countless deadly challenges and explore this award-winning world. Typical deadly obstacles that you often see in this world include cracks, liquids, flamethrowers, frost, magma, water, and volumetric burning lights. The further you go, the more challenges you will face, but you will also discover more interesting things.

Game Reviews

  • The game has simple and easy gameplay which is similar to the Geometry Dash Flappy Hexagon gameplay. Click or tap on the screen to let your mysterious character fly up and release to let the mysterious character fly down.
  • Great graphics. You will never be able to experience the stunning graphics of this game in any other game. It has been awarded the game with the best graphics.
  • Interesting music and sound effect will make you feel more realistic and attractive when you play this game.