Backflip Dive 3D is ready to give players a great environment for the backflip sports experience. Let's show off your amazing flip skills in this 3D game.

What is Backflip Dive 3D?

As everyone may know, this game can be considered a 3D simulation game where players can completely play backflip sports safely. You can jump from a very high position above the ground and perform amazing somersaults without worrying about anything. Try it now!

How the game works

Play from basic level to advanced level

When you do anything, you also have to start from the basic level and then progress to the advanced level. In this game, you also have to start from the basic level. Specifically, you will start jumping from a low position above the ground. After you conquer that level, you will move to the next level with slightly higher difficulty. Besides, the flip skills you use will be more difficult.

In case you want to skip a level, you can use your score. The higher the level, the more points it will cost you to skip that level. So where is your score from? You will get a score after you conduct a flip.

Control: Like Tap Tap Shots, you use the mouse to play.

How to calculate points

The scoring rules of this game are quite simple. Depending on the difficulty of the level, the game will give different scores. However, they all have one thing in common.

  • If you successfully flip into the red square area, you will get the highest score.
  • If you flip into the orange square area, the score you get is the second highest.
  • If you successfully flip into the green square area, you get the third-highest score.
  • If you land a flip by only tucking once, the score you get will be the lowest.