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Avatar Jumping Adventure

Welcome to Avatar Jumping Adventure which is a great jumping game. Be together with Jake Sully, let's see how high you can reach in this game.

The mission of Avatar Jumping Adventure

The rules of the game inspired by the famous movie avatar are very simple. The player controls the Jake Sully character to jump from cloud to cloud. The higher Jake Sully jumps, the higher your score. Use the left and right arrow keys to navigate your character to jump left and right. During the play, there are some notices for you:

  • If Jake Sully jumps into an area with no clouds that act as platforms, you will fall and lose.
  • If your character collides with animals such as scarabs and black ladybugs, your character will be injured and you will be deducted some points. Therefore, you need to be careful to avoid them.
  • If you navigate your character to collide with collect avatar coins, you will be awarded a certain amount of points.

Design of Avatar Jumping Adventure

As mentioned above, this game is inspired by the world-famous movie named Avatar. Therefore, the main character in this game is the main character in the movie, Jake Sully. In addition, the world in this exciting jumping game is also the scene in the Na'vi world.