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Avatar Fortress Fight 2

Take part in the Avatar Fortress Fight 2 game to command your fortress and damage the other nation’s fortress. Use bending powers and get ready for the battle.

Description of Avatar Fortress Fight 2

In this game, all the people of a country will live in a fortress. Besides, two fortresses with two different attributes of two countries are trying to destroy each other. You will become the commander of one of these two fortresses. After that, use your tactics as well as weapons and bending power to destroy the other fortress.

Before starting a battle, you will choose your fortress from 3 options: Earth Nation, Water Nation, and Fire Nation. Each country has its own bending power and has different damage. For example, Storm Front, Healing Pool, and Frost are three bending powers of the Water Nation.

In terms of weapons, the same thing appears. Different nations have different weapons. For example, Water Nation has Boulder, Amplifying Orbs, Iceberg Spikes, and Tidal Ball.

Game modes

Like Cuphead, the game offers up to two players. Let's know more about the game modes of Avatar Fortress Fight 2.

  • In the One-player mode: Your opponent is an enemy AI which is pre-programmed in the game. However, it will also change tactics against you.
  • In the Two-player mode: You and your friends compete in this game to find out who has the stronger bending powers. The control in this game mode is similar to the single-player mode which is to use the mouse to play.