About Apple Worm

The story of the worm

Apple Worm, the hottest game of the summer, is available on our Avatar Game website. In this game, you will control and help the worm find its way out of the maze.

Apple Worm is about a worm's journey to find a way out of a maze. This worm is stuck in a simple maze, but this maze is in the air. So, with just a little carelessness, this worm can also fly out of the maze and lose. You control the worm to eat the apple and escape the maze. Are you confident that you can overcome the challenges in this game? Play and rescue the worm now.

The levels

You will be playing this game on many different levels. The mazes will also be changed through each level. You have a lot of opportunities to play when you are stuck. Sometimes it will take you hours to get through a level. To unlock the level you need to complete the quest of the level before it. Use your wits and pass the level with as little effort as possible.

Rescue the worm out of a maze

You use the arrow keys on your keyboard to control your character. You need to eat apples to easily reach the exit. Each time you eat an apple, your worm's body will lengthen and make it easier to reach the exit. However, you are not required to eat the apple, there are some levels where you do not need to eat the apple to reach the exit. Sometimes eating apples can get you stuck, so skip the apple when it's not needed.

The exit usually appears at the end of the maze. You move your worm in the shape of the maze to reach the exit. Try not to fall out of the maze.

How to control: Use the keys on the keyboard to control