The battles have begun! Enter the Age of War quickly and use your clever strategies to defend your territory through the ages. Are you ready?

The basic gameplay of the Age of War game

The big world has many races. What will happen when these races go to war? As a member of a certain tribe, what do you do when that happens? The Age of War game is a strategy game in which the tribes are preparing to capture the opponent's territory. You will become the military commander of one of these two territories and will be the one to directly devise strategies in combat.

At the beginning of the game, the wars will take place in primitive times when primitive people live in caves. They will be equipped with wooden sticks, slingshots, and dinosaurs as mounts. Please click on the menu button on the right corner of the screen to arrange the battle formation. For example, when the slingshot will fight or the dinosaur rider will fight.

Upgrade the ages in this strategic game

Five stages of evolution including the Stone Age, Castle Age, Renaissance Age, Modern Age, and Future Age are available. Subsequent periods will be more developed than previous ones. The army is also equipped with more damaging weapons. So how do you upgrade from one era to another? When you own a certain amount of experience points, you can do this. Your gold coins and XP experience will be shown in the top left corner of the screen.